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EZX was founded in 2004 and is run by industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in developing and operating trading technology. The combination of our expertise and flexible technology platform make EZX the right choice for your firm. Some of the benefits of using EZX include…

Flexible and Scalable Architecture
Our core product, iServer, provides a reliable trading platform with a flexible API, that is pre-certified with FIX and binary protocols of most FIX enabled destinations for market data and order flow. iServer is designed to allow you to quickly automate your strategies and trade electronically with your brokers, banks and exchanges. Also available is our (EZoms) trading GUI for trading manually.

Easy Integration = Quick Time to Market
With EZX, you can be up and running with your strategy in a matter of days. We eliminate the need for costly development, certification and ongoing support. Our approach is designed to integrate quickly and scale appropriately whether you are a small firm that just needs simple order routing, or a sophisticated shop that requires high volume low latency transaction processing for Statistical Arbitrage trading.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes (Equities, Options, Fixed Income, FX, Futures)
EZX delivers quick and powerful solutions for Equities, Options, Fixed Income, Futures, and FX trading including complex advanced execution models, all on the same cost-effective platform.

Proven Reliable Performance
EZX’s products are extremely reliable and used extensively throughout the industry. Our industry proven state of the art technology enables customers to process thousands of messages per second with low latency and reliable performance. We are live with over 35 clients and have certified with over 90 destinations in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

Superior Service
EZX provides excellent service and support. All of our products are delivered on a fully managed basis. We handle just about everything, from integration and configuration to certification, testing, and production monitoring. EZX can become your electronic trading support team.

Flexibility & Customization
We are dedicated to supplying quality products and services and foster a culture of teamwork with our customers. Our development experts are available to work with our clients and customize our products to meet their specific needs. EZX also routinely implements customer specified complex trading strategies on behalf of our clients.