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EZX’s products and services provide traders with robust and easy to implement solutions that enable them to build and run complex trading strategies quickly and efficiently.

EZX enables you to trade directly from your own Algorithm/Strategy Engine, proprietary trading applications, Excel spreadsheets, or our EZOMS application. Or, we can help you implement and tune your strategies using our industry proven Software Development Platform components.

Whether you trade Equities, Options, Futures or FX, EZX has a solution that handles the ORDER FLOW, INFRASTRUCTURE, RISK MANAGEMENT, COMPLIANCE, BACK OFFICE INTEGRATION, CONNECTIVITY and SUPPORT, so you can focus on your core business… Trading!


EZX Launches New NYSE Parity Order Type Service

Sponsored Access to NYSE Parity Order Types

The new EZX NYSE Parity Order Type Service, enables customers to access NYSE Parity Order Types sponsored by a New York Stock Exchange floor broker. Customers will no longer be required to send Parent Orders to floor brokers prior to sending Parity Order Types into the market.

For more information please contact: or call 908.376.1445 ext 2

Trading Infrastructure

The iServer™ provides clients with an extremely low latency, broker neutral, FIX based (and other protocols) Trading Platform delivered as a fully managed Service. It offers a platform independent API supporting electronic trading for Equities, Options, Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income. The EZX flagship product is designed for use by the Buy and Sell side of the industry.


Risk Management Gateway

EZX Risk Management Gateway provides a powerful risk management solution designed for use by both Brokers and Traders. Brokers can manage their clients trading risk, and Traders can manage their own risk. Typical checks include Credit Limit, Buying Power, Duplicate Order, Wash Trade, Order Marking and a host of others…


FIX Technology

EZX's FIXHUB enables Brokers and Traders to break away from their reliance on proprietary FIX network providers and OMS vendors. With FIXHUB, EZX customers can control their own FIX infrastructure, giving them true independence from OMS vendors and FIX networks.

Strategy Development Platform

Strategy Development Platform

The EZX Strategy Development Platform is a powerful strategy development toolkit. It contains industry proven components that help you build and implement your trading strategies quickly. Strategy Development Platform can be customized and developed to meet your needs.


Broker Dealers

EZbd provides a complete electronic trading system for agency Broker Dealers. It supports multiple offices and clients, CAT reporting, OTS reporting and other compliance reporting. EZbd supports integrated market data, quick order entry screens, Level II integrated market data, and risk limit checks available on both the client and the server.


Low Latency

The EZX FIX Engine features support for FIX 4.0 thru 5.0, local variants, custom tags, custom rules, FIX session management, FIX session and application message validation, multiple FIX sessions, multiple API sessions, API event driven notification, and a Java based API. If you already have in-house FIX expertise and simply need a mature, low latency and professionally supported FIX engine, this is the way to go.

Certified Destinations


EZX provides seamless FIX routing and connectivity to a growing list of destinations.

See a complete list of Exchanges, ECNs and Brokers we are certified with.


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